Preview - Who is Leigh
Over the years I have modeled for many photographers and have totally enjoyed being in front of the camera. It is important to me to promote the idea that a senior citizan can be full of vitality and sexiness.
As a professional model I have had the opportunity to work in areas of elegance and erotica enjoying every second that these pleasures bring to the viewers of my work.
I am a strong and erotic woman who is 65 years old showing the world that one can be a creature of beauty even at this age. I work out on a regular basis to maintain my look captured by photographers nation wide. My "natural" measurements are 36F-24-36.  I am 5'4" and 124 lbs of  pure energy.  I am
very comfortable in an evening gown as well as posing in the " all together". I totally enjoy working with other models both male and female and love the thrill of being part of a pleasurable setting.
During my career as a model I have been fortunate to be published in many magazines and books honoring my age and beautiful art work I posess all over my body. In 2006 I was named 'Illustrated Woman of theYear"  by Vista Publishing and was published in three calendars for years 2005, 2006 and 2007. Two of the three calendars were published in Europe with great success.
With respect to my 'Body Art" many people ask how long did all that work take to have done? First and foremost I had an artist develope a theme that could project my love for animals. Then it was started on my right shoulder and progressed to what you see today. More than 250 hours of time passed sitting inteh chair being inked by a lovely lady that is well known internationally for her beautiful colors. Today her canvas is my "Body of Art".
On a personal note I love meeting new people and enjoy the relationships that can be formed. I am open to all the pleasures life has to offer. I am willing to explore new ideas and new avanues that become pleasurable experiences. My motto is " Just Do It" and I can assure you I "Do It" as much as possible.